Modern training needs to be easy and accessible. A learning management system (LMS) allows you to create, distribute and track training anywhere, on any device.

LMS Puzzle Over the past 20 years, powerful software for managing complex databases has been combined with digital frameworks for managing curriculum, training materials, and evaluation tools. The LMS allows anyone to create, track, manage and distribute learning materials of any kind. Nearly a ten billion-dollar industry, LMS products and software allow any organization to develop electronic coursework, deliver it with unprecedented reach and flexibility, and manage its continued use over time.

What IT-SCIENT Provides:

In addition to customized learning and education solutions, IT-SCIENT has developed two offerings based on its vast expertise in eLearning, Web 2.0 and industry standards such as SCORM.

Learning Portal: IT-SCIENT’s learning portal provides searchable learning, information, collaboration, and social networking features. It can be used for employees (as a multifaceted learning environment) as well as for customers (as a product training environment).

Product Training: The focus is on multi-modal product training for effective retention of product features, both, for the sales force as well as customers. It allows customized presentation and delivery of learning resources depending on individual preferences. Simulations and scenarios also allow the learning to be experiential.