Agile; Efficient; Productive.

You need to be all of these to compete and win in a rapidly changing marketplace. Let us help you successfully transform your business and serve your customers better. Experience certainty with IT-SCIENT fully-integrated software and solutions.

Digital Software & Solutions

Navigate a path to successful digital transformation with IT-SCIENT’ fully integrated Digital Software & Solutions (DS&S).

In this era of unprecedented change, technologies like social, mobile, Big Data and cloud are converging and interacting, disrupting traditional business operations at lightning speed. As a result, you face both increased uncertainty and extraordinary opportunities.

IT-SCIENT’ DS&S offers integrated solutions that help you serve your customers better and thrive in this rapidly changing digital environment.

IT-SCIENT Advantage

Focused on delivering achievable digital transformation, IT-SCIENT’ Digital Software & Solutions Group offerings are:

  • Based on in-depth industry expertise
  • Designed to solve specific business problems
  • Founded on decades of client success
  • IT-SCIENT-tested

What IT-SCIENT Provides

IT-SCIENT’ Digital Software & Solutions Group offers two solution portfolios:

Customer Intelligence & Insights and Digital Commerce; each portfolio is made up of fully-integrated, yet, modular software solutions created by industry experts specifically for Banking & Financial Services, Retail and Communications.

The Customer Intelligence & Insights Solution leverages advanced analytics to provide in-depth actionable insights, right out-of-the-box. With a new and profound understanding of each customer, you can improve their brand experience, increase customer loyalty and maximize each customer’s lifetime value.

The Digital Commerce Solution helps you efficiently manage the complex ecosystem of commerce relationships on the ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ side of the business to deliver more value to your customers and drive operational efficiency.

Select the solutions and engagement models that best fit your needs:

  • Software Modules: Select the module or modules needed to address a specific pain point such as loyalty management or process analysis
  • Scalable Industry Solution: Select a scalable solution like Customer Intelligence & Insights or Digital Commerce to transform a business function
  • Transformational Engagement: Engage with IT-SCIENT to set your vision, create a roadmap and transform your entire business with IT-SCIENT’ software and services.

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