To survive and prosper in today's competitive, cost-conscious, and risky business environment, organizations must derive the greatest possible value from the projects that they conduct. Success requires doing the right projects, not just doing projects right.

Avoiding time and cost overruns for capital and maintenance projects, while ensuring robust quality assurance across the value chain, remains a challenge for companies. To foster informed decision making, efficient asset utilization and effective asset management, enterprises need to collect and aggregate project-related information from disparate data sources, and make it available on demand. IT-SCIENT' Project Portfolio Management (PPM) on cloud solution offers tools and services to manage capital portfolios and contracts, as well as for collaboration among stakeholders.

For construction companies, revenue, profit and risk management are project centric. Organizations need solutions to effectively manage intricate project details to deliver high-quality projects on time and on budget, thereby maximizing profits. IT-SCIENT provides solutions that enable project managers and executives to have an end-to-end integrated visibility into project performance and progress by focusing on key drivers such as scope, budget, resource, risk, schedule and quality.


IT-SCIENT Enterprise Project Management and Control Solution helps transition traditional single project management practices into an enterprise portfolio approach, enabling visibility, predictability and control.

We help you:

  • Predict project performance and enable forecast accuracy
  • Maximize project profitability
  • Enhance decision making and control through information visibility at every stage of the lifecycle
  • Implement industry best practices and service delivery for setting up high performance project control systems
  • Reduced IT infrastructure spend
  • Integrate best-in-class partner products to create synergistic workflows

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